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Pakka Original! Ban Pareshan…

Hello World!

It’s been a while that there wasn’t any post from Bucklu.. and look here we are.

Last day i wanted to shop an item and somehow i got stuck into one of the famous online store. It was hard to figure out as there are so many products and at last i found what i was looking to when i finally liked the product, i proceeded. Here, i found that the product is not available with them i.e, the product is available with third party and also the Terms & Conditions are different because the online shopping company is not selling it directly.

And the funny part is delivery time is more than two to three weeks…I was in dilemma whether to buy the product or i shouldn’t. Actually i didn’t find any use of it when it can’t be delivered on time. This happens with most of the people who love to shop online, however because there is no other option we end up shopping it.

Now Hyderabadi’s doesn’t have to face such problem anymore. Here we welcome BUCKLU.

Shopping at Bucklu is very simple and here they are bringing local stores directly to you. You can compare the prices and decide and the most important point is no matter what you order, your parcel will be delivered in 6 Hours (If ordered before 6 PM).


Bucklu doesn’t charges minimum amount to deliver the product. It doesn’t charge you more to deliver the product early. The brand started by promising that no matter what the product is delivered to you in 6 hours. How wonderful is this! Isn’t it. Tired of waiting for the order placed online..Shop at Bucklu…


  1. Free Delivery for all products above 1500
  2. No Minimum Purchase amount
  3. All the products are original

Bucklu has been launched in the month of July, started with Mobile accessories, Books, Sports, Beauty & Personal Care, Art & Crafts supplies, Baby stores.

It’s been not even a month and it is going well. People are happy as the product is original and delivered on time.

There are many other products to come here. Be connected with us here..

Happy week ahead!


Shopping Local…<3

Avi-bucklu 20160719_000945.jpg

Shopping local makes us feel good. Did you ever wonder why? It’s because we are supporting hard working entrepreneurs… Local owners have much knowledge about their products, they know what they are selling.

Here, at Bucklu we are bringing local shops at your door step. When you shop on Bucklu you are paying directly to seller. You can shop from anywhere anytime, not only from Hyderabad you can shop all around your city at a time… or any other region that strikes your fancy.




Bucklu – Local stores at your place in 6 Hours



Ever noticed how Online Shopping made a remarkable place in our day to day lives.

There was a time when ladies used to spend hours and hours for shopping and most of the boyfriends and husbands had no other option other than following them everywhere, though the reasons vary some of them were to carry bags and some were to pay the bills. Now the trend has changed everything will come to you at your doorstep. It’s just one click away.

I wonder people ever noticed the sites which promise the standard delivery in a day or two, did they reach us on time. Even if they have reached us we had to pay some extra bucks because we were in much need. In this hurry we forget to check the quality of the product and we realize after a week that it is not up-to the standard, by this time we have lost the opportunity to return the product. We get disheartened, in  such situation situations we feel — Isn’t there any website where we can buy the product like we buy from local stores?  however we tend to do same mistake, we never thought of looking for local stores online.

Let me introduce to a unique website called “BUCKLU” isn’t the name itself a unique one!!

What is Bucklu? Why it is the next big thing?

Bucklu is a new way to bring local stores at your door step. You can shop any product of any brand right from the stores. You can check the availability of the product, avail store offers, reserve & pick up or get it delivered in few hours.

Why Bucklu?

Bucklu is not only bringing local stores to you not only in Hyderabad from other cities too (right now only in Hyderabad), it also gives you an opportunity to compare the prices and decide which one to choose. And the most important thing is the product will be with you in just Six hours. Isn’t that amazing..

Let me give you a brief idea of the products available here.


1. Indoor games & Sports

The hardest thing to find these days in nothing but Time. Many years back there was a time when kids and youngsters almost everyone were fond of playing Carrom boards, Cricket, Chess, Foot ball and many other games. Now people are so much addicted to smart phones that when we ask them to go out and play, they play Cricket and other games in tabs and Smart phones itself..

So here, Bucklu is taking simple step to bind everyone and to spend quality time with Family and Friends by introducing Indoor games back with a bang! Carroms, Chess and many other Indoor games.

2. Books & Media

Apart from Indoor games, Bucklu has Books and Media Section. Books gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are. There are great books in the world and great worlds in the book isn’t it..

Yes, reading books gives us peace, helps us to listen our inner voice, connects with yourself. This generation gives much importance in Kindle version however nothing beats the feeling of holding a book and a coffee.

3. Personal Care, Mobile Accessories and other Stuff

Apart from Indoor games, Books & Media Bucklu has also some place for personal grooming, Mobile Accessories, Kids & Toys, Student’s Adda.

Check our products at http://bucklu.com/